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Women's Long Leather Gloves

long fingerless leather gloves 9268-001

These long leather gloves for women are the perfect accessories for a...

Evening leather gloves 9239-001

These beautiful arm-length gloves are a playful variation on the...

Elbow Length Gloves 9254-001

These long leather gloves for women are a stylish choice for formal...

long leather gloves with yellow stripes 9273-001

Simply put you cannot find anyhing more elegant and more distinctive....

Womens Long Gloves with 1/2 Fingers 9287-001

Striking in their elegant simplicity, these long leather gloves for...

extra long leather gloves 9209-001

Made by our expert craftsmen, these are the traditional arm-length...

Elbow Length Silk Lined Leather Gloves 9272-001

These amazing women's elbow-length leather dress gloves (also known...

silk lining long leather gloves 9205-001

Perfect for any occassion, these stunning women's mid-forearm length...

Ultrafashionable long leather gloves 9260-001

These are women's long leather gloves for a party or occassions like...


We want to offer the largest selection of long leather gloves of an excellent quality in different colors and styles. Here you can find all lengths leather gloves: from 5cm below the elbow length to the Opera length gloves. Depending on the season we can make autumn and winter variant of lined (silk or cashmere) gloves or summer and spring variant of unlined gloves. We can also make the gloves using your design. The most fashionable, elegant and luxurious gloves nowadays are snakeskin and other exotic animals skin gloves. Snakeskin gloves as well as other long gloves will excellently go with your bag, scarf or shoes. Long leather gloves were and will be always popular and will let you look awesome and create your unforgettable image.